Why Is My HP Printer Not Connecting to My Computer


HP Printer Not Connecting to My Computer

HP printer is a famous printing company that offers fantastic services to its consumers. In fact, the best part of using an HP printer is it provide god quality printouts. However, at times HP users might encounter connection issues. So, in case if HP printer is unable to print and display connection problems, it might be because of several reasons.

Read the blog to learn about the reason why is my HP printer not connecting to my computer and steps to make sure proper connection of laptop or to Wi-Fi network.

Reason Why HP Printer Not Connecting to a Computer 

If you encounter an HP printer not connecting to a computer, it might be caused by losing connection, faulty USBs, the issue with printer software, and more. An unsuccessful connection of HP printer to Wi-Fi might occur because of poor connection, unstable internet connection, or problems in the network. You also have to ensure that the HP printer comprises of latest and updated driver; otherwise, the printer won’t function as it should perform.

How to Fix if HP Printer Not Connecting to a Computer?

HP Printer not connecting to a computer is a common issue that users encounter most often. If you are the one facing the same problem, and wondering how to fix if HP printer not connecting to a computerthen check out the methods that you can try to troubleshoot the issue.

Method 1: Deal with Printer Connectivity Issue

Step 1: Turn off your HP printer and restart it again. Wait for some time till it is ready to work again.

Step 2: Check Connection Issue If Any

  • If an HP printer is connected to a USB cable, ensure that the cable is not damaged, and your connection should be secure and correct. Along with it, check the USB port and clean the contents of the port to safeguard the port from connecting to the USB.
  • If the printer is connected through Bluetooth or a wireless network, follow the user manual to know how to connect the printer to Bluetooth or WiFi.

Step 3: Check the Network Connection Issue

Network issues can lead the printer not to connect; you have to ensure to work on internet connection while using the HP printer.

Method 2: Troubleshoot HP Printer Driver Update Issue

Your HP printer not connecting to your computer might be because of outdated updates, so you need to verify that your printer driver should not be out-of-date. So, updating the printer as per the available latest version is essential. It will not only resolve connectivity issues but will also provide a good user experience.

To update the HP printer driver, there are two methods available- one is updating the driver automatically, and the other is updating the driver manually.

Steps to Update HP Printer Driver Automatically 

1.      Confirm that your computer driver is set to download the software automatically.

2.      From Windows, change the setting of your device installation and open it again.

3.      Choose the yes option from the Window device installation settings and tap to save changes.

Steps to Update HP Printer Driver Manually 

1.      To update the HP printer driver, confirm the printer model name. You can find the name or number on the “Device and Printer” panel.

2.      Proceed to the printer’s manufacturer website, tap support or driver, and choose the download driver and software button. Here, type the printer’s name and number in the search button and tap to go button.

3.      From the next section, choose the compatible printer driver in accordance with your operating system. After selecting the operating system, tap to download the driver from the “Driver and Heading” section.

4.      After downloading the HP printer driver, you can run the installer to complete the setup process. In some cases, you need to restart if asked.

Method 3: Manually Restarting Printer Spooler Service

The printer spooler services perform their print spool jobs. If the services are not working, then you won’t be able to see the printer, and your printer won’t be connected. So, let’s check out how to restart the print spooler service to fix the connectivity issue.

1.      Press the Windows logo key and R from your keyboard at the same time to invoke the run box.

2.      Type MSC services and tap on the OK button.

3.      Now, scroll down to find the spooler service option.

4.      When the services are running, right-click on the services, tap to choose stop, and then again right-click on the service. Choose to start to restart the device.

5.      Lastly, restart the computer and try the printer again to see if the printer is connected correctly or not.

Summing Up

Check out the post and know about how to fix if HP printer not connecting to laptop or computer. We have suggested three methods; you can select one method at your convenience to troubleshoot the issue smoothly.

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