Lexmark printer wireless setup

The all-in-one Lexmark wireless Printer delivers incredible print quality wirelessly to fulfill the printing requirements. You can efficiently perform Lexmark wireless printer setup to enable the smart device to connect to print anywhere.

If you have a newly purchased Lexmark printer and you don’t have any clue about performing Lexmark printer setup, then check out the guide and troubleshooting steps to resolve issues that you might encounter.

Lexmark wireless Printer Manual Guide

Instances occur when you face the issues while performing the Lexmark wireless printer setup. In this situation, you can refer to the Lexmark printer manual. In the Lexmark Printer manual, you will find the information on several aspects like troubleshooting for Lexmark printer, Installation process, Lexmark printer wireless setup. Apart from this, if you face issue, you can check out the solutions for all the problems.

How to Install Lexmark wireless Printer?

To install Lexmark wireless Printer Windows 10, you have to check that router has a WPS button on it. If the printer and router support it, check out the below-mentioned steps:

1)    Start by going to settings using the control panel button on the Lexmark printer.

2)    Tap on OK.

3)    Click on “select network/ports” under settings and then tap on wireless.

4)    Tap on OK and choose Wi-Fi-protected setup.

5)    Click on the WPS button on the router.

6)    After that, click on settings > port/network > wireless on your printer.

7)    Choose Wi-Fi protected setup and then start the push button.

8)    From your modem, tap on the WPS button.

9)    Click on the Wi-Fi icon to ensure that your printer is successfully connected.

After completing these steps, your Lexmark Printer installation process will be completed successfully. Make sure to follow the instructions correctly so that you can successfully install the Lexmark Printer.

How to Connect Lexmark Printer to Wi-Fi without CD?

If you haven’t received a CD with your Lexmark Printer and wondering how to connect Lexmark Printer to WiFi without CD. Let’s check out the below-mentioned steps:

1)    Make sure that both your Lexmark wireless Printer and computer are connected to the same wireless network.

2)    Proceed to the control panel of your computer.

3)    Choose the “Add a new device” option from the hardware category.

4)    Make sure to choose Lexmark Printer, and it is in discoverable mode.

5)    Wait for few minutes so that printer is detected by a wireless network and is displayed on the screen.

6)    Rename your printer now.

7)    Tap on proceed to install the Lexmark printer driver.

8)    To install your Lexmark printer, visit the official website and choose the relevant printer model and download the printer driver.

9)    After completing the installation of the printer driver, you can reboot your computer.

These are some steps that you can need to perform steps for how to connect Lexmark Printer to WiFi without CD.

Setup Lexmark Printer Wireless Setup

Before connecting the Lexmark printer manually to Wi-Fi, make sure that you have set up the printer properly. After completing the Lexmark Printer Wireless Setup, check out the below-mentioned steps to perform Lexmark Printer wireless setup.

1)    Start by navigating to network ports by using the control panel button on Lexmark Printer.

2)    Click on the network, then network setup, and then wireless.

3)    Click on wireless connection setup and select Wi-Fi-protected setup.

4)    Choose the start push button method.

5)    Here, press and hold the WPS button on the router until your WPS light flashes.

6)    To enable the connection, start by downloading the Lexmark printer driver and then install it.

Follow these above-mentioned steps to successfully complete the Lexmark Printer WiFi setup steps so that you can smoothly use the Lexmark Printer.

Common Lexmark Printer Troubleshooting 

There are times when you want to know about Lexmark Printer troubleshooting. There are different Lexmark printer troubleshooting that is connected with several scenarios. Let’s have a look:

  • Lexmark Printer is not printing.
  • Lexmark Printer won’t print.
  • Issues related to Lexmark Printer ink cartridge.
  • Lexmark Printer printing blank pages.
  • Cannot perform Lexmark wireless setup

These are some Lexmark e260d printer troubleshooting issues that you must resolve so that you can use Lexmark Printer smoothly.

Why Lexmark Printer Won’t Connect to WiFi ?

Lexmark Printer is one of the leading printer manufacturing brands, but you might face common issues like why Lexmark Printer won’t connect to WiFiIn order to fix the issue, check out the below-mentioned guide.

1 . Start Performing Preliminary Test

  • Make sure that the Ethernet cable is plugged properly into the port on Lexmark Printer.
  • Check properly so that your connector and network cable have not been tampered with.
  • Also, ensure that your LED link is illuminated.
  • And check the wireless clients are communicated on the SSID or same network.


    2 . After verifying everything, check out that your printer is connected properly to more than one computer without using Ethernet or wireless networking. If it is, then Printer won’t be able to function properly, so some of the Lexmark printer models have both the USB ports and parallel. Also, several users try to connect with multiple computers through these ports.


3 . You can also face the issue of the Lexmark Printer won’t connect to Wi-Fi because the printer is running low on toner, ink, and paper. The problem can also be caused because of paper jam errors. To fix the issue, it will be great to check the connectivity issue to fix it automatically.


4 . The problem might be with your Lexmark printer driver. Windows and other operating systems provide you with automatic updates for Lexmark Printer. In case you face such an issue, you can manually install drivers from the control panel and fix the connectivity issue.

You should follow the above-mentioned steps so that you can resolve the issue of the Lexmark Printer won’t connect to WiFi. 

Summing Up 

This guide will get the complete information about Lexmark Printer setup wireless procedure and other troubleshooting techniques. Check out every section properly to check out a step-by-step guide to get the details.