HP Deskjet 2545 Printer wireless setup

HP Deskjet 2545 makes scan, copy, print, and fax as feasible as possible and that too swiftly through a wireless connection. It is easier to print documents at large sizes with the HP Deskjet 2545 Wide Format e-All-in-One Inkjet Printer. The users can also set custom print sizes up to 13 x 44" on Mac. This model features high-resolution imaging up to 4800 x 1200 dpi at up to 13 x 19". In addition to that, it can handle paper quickly with a black print speed of 15 ppm and a color speed of 8 ppm. Borderless printing is possible at sizes up to 13 x 19," and when using the included two-sided printing accessory, users can customize the automatic duplex printing. Here in this blog, you will know the whole HP Deskjet 2545 wireless setup process and other related steps. 

HP Deskjet 2545 Printer Manual Guide

The user manual of the HP Deskjet 2545 printer could be downloaded in pdf format if it did not come with the new inkjet printers, though the seller must supply one. It is quite usual that the customers throw out the user manual with the box or sometimes put the CD away somewhere and cannot find it. That is why the other HP users and we keep a unique electronic library for the printers, where you can use the link to download the HP Deskjet 2545 Printer Manual. 

The user manual gives all the functions of the HP printer, all the basic and advanced features, and the steps to use the inkjet printers. The HP Deskjet 2545 Wireless Printer manual also gives some troubleshooting steps for common problems and errors. Even the greater detail is mentioned by the service manual, which is not shipped technically with the product; however, it can often be downloaded from the HP official service. 

How To Setup Your HP Deskjet 2545 Printer Manually?

  • If you want to set up your HP Deskjet 2545 printer manually, then you need to follow the steps given below:

  • 1)  You must start taking your printer out of the case and then remove all tape or wrapping materials from the Printer's outside.

  • 2)   Next, you are required to remove the tape from inside the Printer and close the HP Deskjet 2545 ink cartridge entrance. Now, you have to remove the tape from the tray. After removing the paper tray, connect the Printer to an electrical socket and turn it on. Later you can customize the HP Deskjet 2545 printer wirelessly configurations.

  • 3)  Put the Printer's power cord in the back of the Printer, and then plug it into a socket. After that, to switch on the Printer, press the Power button. Now, you have to select your chosen language on the printer control panel and click Yes. 

  • 4)  You need to tap Yes after selecting your country/region and filling the input tray with A4 paper. Next, slide the paper width guides to the outside. Again, slide the paper width guides in until they rest against the paper's sides. 

  • 5)  Next, return the tray to its original position and pull the paper tray extender to open and raise it. If you want to access the HP Printer 2545 ink cartridges, open the cartridge access door. After these steps, we also need to learn how to connect HP Deskjet 2545 Printer to WiFi on Mac or Windows. 

  • 6)    Then take the printer’s ink cartridge out of its packaging and push it down on the cartridge until it comes into place after sliding it into the respective slots. You have to then click the Setup button on the home screen and click on Tools.

  • 7)  After that, you will have to press the Down Arrow and then Align Printer. Finally, go and place the orientation page print side down in the right front corner of the scanner glass after lifting the cover on the Printer. 

  • This is how you can perform the procedure for HP Deskjet 2545 setupNow, for the wireless setup of HP Deskjet, you need to refer to the below section.

HP Deskjet 2545 Printer Wireless Setup

For how to setup and connect HP Deskjet 2545 Printer to WiFi on Windows, you must be connected to your home wireless network. You are then suggested to install the best available driver that is suitable for your printer. For HP Deskjet 2545 Printer Wireless Setup, you can refer to the below steps:

  •    You need to gather the requirements and prepare the device for HP Deskjet 2545 setup wirelessly. Then establish a wireless connection using the Wireless setup wizard. 

  •   Then you need to pick your network name (SSID) and then enter the security HP Deskjet 2545 Wireless Printer Password when asked. 

  •     You need then to download the full-featured HP Deskjet 2545 download driver software online. Then type HP Deskjet 2545 and click submit. 

  •     After that, you need to choose the operating system version of your PC and click change. Then open the HP easy start from the downloads folder and begin the installation. 

  •    Finally, you can follow the direction given by the installer and complete the whole process. 

Using the above steps, you will know best the steps to HP Deskjet 2545 wireless setupNow, you need to know everything about your HP Deskjet 2545 driver download, as it is one of the essential parts of your wireless Printer. 

For how do I connect HP Deskjet 2545 Printer to WiFi on Android, start with connecting your printer and the Android device to the same wireless network to avoid unnecessary problems. Then go to the google play store on the mobile device and install the HP smart application for free. After installing, you need to open the smart application and hit start. Accept the terms and conditions to progress, now tap continue. Then tap the plus sign to search for the HP printer that is connected to the network. You need to tap the printer in the printer list that is connected to your wireless network. You need to click the add printer, then connect to a new printer and follow the steps that appear on the screen. 

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