Changing Your Facebook Email Address


We all have to enter an email address while signing up on Facebook. Usually, the email id that we are entering becomes the primary email address ofour Facebook account. The primary email can be used for all communications, for example it displays notifications when someone messaged you or when any user logged in with your account from another device. You might be unable to receive notifications in case, if you do not have access to your primary email address anymore. In such a case, you must know how to change primary email on Facebook?

Changing Your Facebook Email Address

Wondering how to change primary email on Facebook on iPhone, Android, Windows or Mac? There are some quick steps that you can follow to change your primary mail. You must note that, you can change your email address on Facebook only when you are logged in on Facebook. Once you sign in to your account, locate the Account link from the top-right corner of the window. Click on Account option and then on Account Setting from the context menu that appeared on screen.

Click on the Email options from the Settings tab and then click on Change link. This will display all the email addresses connected to this Facebook account. If the other email address that you want to use for your Facebook account is listed there, select it and click Change Contact Email option. If you are facing any problem while doing so, identify why can't I change my primary email on Facebook. Once you will change youremail address,Facebook will send a second email to the current primary email address that contains information related to new email address. This email also contains a link to cancel the operation that you can use if you don’t want to use new email address to Facebook.

Why Facebook authentication not working Properly on Android?

Authentication is just to verify that only you are accessing your Facebook account. But sometimes, you might face problems on its Android app, indicating “Facebook Authentication Failed” that clearly sounds that Facebook authentication not working on your Android device. The issue can be caused due to many reasons like incorrect user address and password entered while log in. In such a case, just double-check that you have entered the correct username and password. Also, check whether the Caps Lock is off.

Poor Internet connection can also cause Facebook authentication not workingproperly issue on your Android phone. If the same issue persists again and again, try to login via desktop to change password or go through Settings > Accounts > Menu > Auto-Sync Data to sync your Google account.

Why is Facebook Notifications Not Working properly on android?

Facebook sends push notifications to provide you all the information if something is worth our full attention is going on your account. Sometimes, you might encounter Facebook Notifications Not Working properly issue on your system that in result lead to missing out your critical updates. The problem can be caused due to multiple reasons.

This is the first thing that you should check if you are facing the notification issue. Android has a built-in notification setting for apps. You can enable, disable and modify such notification settings for your Facebook app.There is some data restriction in your Android device setting that can cause the notification issue. Similarly, when you are facing Facebook notifications not working on iPhone issue, check whether the FB app is syncing data in the background, as any problem in this may result to no push notifications.

Clearing app cache can also help you to troubleshoot notification issues from your Facebook account. Navigate to the Apps section under phone Settings to reset the app cache for the Facebook app. Click on the Facebook option followed by a click on Storage option. Under Storage section, click on Clear Cache option and then restart your phone.  There are some instances when the Facebook notifications not working in Windows 10 system,you can enable notifications for only Facebook apps from your phone’s settings.

If the Facebook notifications not working on iPad, then there might be some problem with the Facebook app installed on youriPad. There might be some bug in your app and you need to update it from App Store.

How to change profile picture from Facebook on Android?

Facebook also provides an option to change or update profile picture. But for this, you must know how to change profile picture on Facebook. Follow the steps given below to change profile picture of your Facebook account on Android device:

  • Open the Facebook app and login to your account using email address and password.   
  • Click on the profile photo icon located at the top-right corner. 
  • Tap the “Edit” option in your existing profile photo. 
  • Click on “Select Profile Picture” option. 
  • Now, select the photo that you want to use for your profile.


Steps to change profile photo on the iPhone & iPad App:

  •  Open the Facebook app.
  • Click on the profile photo from the top of the screen to open your profile page
  •  Select the “Edit” option and change your existing profile photo.

You might have noticed that you need to crop the profile photo while uploading it. If you want to upload full size photo, then check how to upload full size profile picture on Facebook. You can apply the steps to change your profile photo without losing any of it.

  • Visit the Facebook site on any browser. Type in the following URL in the search box of your browser:
  • Log on to your FB account and click on the camera symbol located adjacent to your profile picture.
  • Select your existing profile photo and then chose the picture that you want make as your new profile picture.
  • Now click on Set as Profile Picture option.

The above steps will help you to know how to upload Facebook profile picturewithout cropping. You can also protect your FB profile photo, but for this you must know how to protect Facebook profile picture.

How to fix Facebook News Feed not working on Android?

After analysing all the problems encountered by many usersusing the Facebook app on Android device, try to identify why Facebook news feed not working properly. There are many causes responsible for improper Facebook news feed.  Sometimes, the Facebook might be down from the server side and this result in the problem while using FB application on Android mobile.

There might be several reasons for why my Facebook News is feed not workingand the troubleshooting methods can be varied as per the problem. There might be some backend server issue that generally occur when Facebook is undergoing maintenance or is down due to any reason.

If the Facebook news feed not loading properly on iPhone, Android or any your device, check whether you have good internet connection. If you are facing problem while using the Wi-Fi connection, then switch to mobile data or change your network before applying any technical method to resolve the issue.

If none of the methods have helped, check whether you are using latest version of Facebook application as the company releases frequent updates every now. If you are using the out dated version of Facebook, then update the application from Google Play store or App Store.