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Canon Printer Error Code 5012

Canon printers continue to make our jobs easier. However, like with other printer troubles, a select Canon Printer models have issues such as Canon Printer Error 5012. The mistake causes complications while working with the printers. You will be unable to print from your Canon printer if this error code appears on your computer screen. You may even consider replacing your old printer with a new one. However, by following precise troubleshooting techniques, you may rapidly resolve the Canon Printer Error 5012 and restore Canon Printer operation. Read this page carefully to learn more about the 5012 Error on a Canon Printerand some of the most efficient troubleshooting solutions for various Canon Printer models such as Canon.


What is a Canon Printer Error 5012?


Canon Printer Error Code 5012 is a technical malfunction that prevents you from printing documents or photographs. The error is frequently caused by paper jams in the printer. If you do not take preventive steps or troubleshoot, your printer may impair the printing process.


What Causes Canon Printer Error Code 5012?


Canon Printer code 5012 appears on your computer screen for a variety of reasons. However, the following are some of the most typical explanations for the occurrence of this error:


  •     Paper is being clogged.
  •    The printer must be reset.
  •     Ink cartridge has been displaced.
  •    Any foreign item found within the printer that causes an impediment.


How can I resolve Canon Printer Error 5012?


There are several easy solutions you may take to resolve the Canon 5012 problem, some of them are listed below.


  • Reset the printer, you may reset your printer, and if the problem persists, you can also perform a factory reset.
  • Wait a few moments after disconnecting all cords and connected devices from the printer. After 5 minutes, reconnect all of the connections and cables and check to see whether the Canon printer error code 5012 has been resolved.
  • You may also cancel all printing tasks, empty the queue, and turn the machine off. Allow the device to stabilise completely before starting your printer.


Canon MG5522 Printer Code 5012: When you encounter the Canon Pixma 5012 issue on the MG5522 model, you must first check your printer for paper jams and obstructions. Alternatively, you may check to see if the ink tanks are correctly placed into your printer.


Canon IP100 Code 5012: You may cure the 5012 Canon issue by resetting your Canon Printer if you have the IP100 model. Also, thoroughly inspect the ink cartridge and confirm that it is correctly set.


Canon MX495 5012: When your MX495 printer displays the Canon 5012 error code on your computer screen, this might happen. You may quickly correct this problem by cancelling the print job in the printer's queue. You may also restart the printer to see if the issue 5012 Canon is fixed.


Error 5012 on Canon TS3122: Canon Pixma error 5012 on the TS3122 model might mean that there is no paper or that there is paper caught beneath the print head. Check that the paper tray has enough sheets of paper and that the print head is not obstructed.


Canon MX492 Error 5012: If you have an MX492 printer and encounter Printer Error 5012, it is advised that you first turn on the printer and open the lid. When the ink carriage has reached the middle, shut the lid. You should be aware that the ink cartridge should not move when the printer is turned on.


Error 5012 on the Canon MX490: The Canon Printer 5012 error code in MX490 indicates that extraneous items have been lodged inside the printer. Furthermore, there might be paper jams inside the printer. To remedy the issue, remove these items and restart your printer.


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