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How to Change IP Address on HP Printer


If you have ever faced an issue connecting to your printer, it might help set the static IP address. By default, you can set the printers as the dynamic IP address, which can change from time to time. This can make it hard to connect the printer, especially when you can make the changes to the network. Also, assigning a printer to a static IP address can help organize the network as it is essential if you have lots of devices connected to the same network.

In this guide, you will know about how to change IP address on HP printer for Mac and Windows 10 devices.

How to Find HP Printer IP Address?  

If you want to know how to change IP address on HP printer, type the current IP address into the address bar of a web browser. Click to the settings or network page and then change the printer’s network to a manual or static IP address. Lastly, you can type in the new address.

Type Printer’s IP Address into the Address Bar of Web browser you can easily know how to find HP printer IP address on the printer’s display. If the printer doesn’t have a display screen, you can also check out the steps to find out how to find the printer’s IP address.

1.      Enter HP Printer Username and Password

If you have not sent an HP Printer password, try using admin as the username box and leave the password box blank.

1.    Move to the HP printer’s settings or network page.

2.   Choose the IP address configuration. Check out the IP/TCP or IP/ configuration within the page.

3.      After this, change the network from automatic/ dynamic to static/ manual IP.

4.     Type in the HP printer’s IP address that you want to use for the HP printer. Now, when the printer is connected to the computer, it will be automatically assigned to an IP address.

5.      Lastly, save the current settings and close the browser.

Check out the steps mentioned to know how to change IP address on HP Printer. 

How to Change IP Address on HP Printer?

To change or update IP address HP Printer on Mac device, move to system preferences and printers and scanners. After that, tap to option and supplies and then type in a new IP address in the box next to the location.

1.      From the top-left corner of the screen, choose the Apple icon.

2.      And then choose the system preferences.

3.      Select the printers and scanners.

4.      Tap to options & supplies.

5.    The last step is to change the HP printer’s IP address in the box next to the location and choose OK.

Follow the steps mentioned above to smoothly change printer IP address HP. Check out the guide properly and follow the steps. 

How to Find HP Printer IP Address from Router?

If you want to know how to find my HP Printer IP address from the router, then check out the steps mentioned below:

1.   If you have access rights to the router, you can find your printer’s IP address in the router setup menu. But, first of all, start by logging in.

2.      Open the web browser, and in the address bar, type and choose to enter.

3.  Enter the router username and password. If you have forgotten it, then ask for an admin to resend it.

4.      After you are in, check out for a DHCP client table or a client list.

Follow these steps to know how to find an HP printer IP address from the router. It is essential to follow the steps properly to find the IP address HP printer.

Elaborate Steps to Find IP Address on my HP Printer!!

Check out the steps mentioned below to know how to find HP printer IP address:

1.      The first step is to configuration sheet. If the printer has buttons on it, you can print a configuration page by pressing and holding the go and power button for ten seconds. The specific printers have the option to print a configuration page which is available in the system menu.

2.    The next option is the menu option, and if the printer has a built-in screen that enables the menu navigation, you can smoothly navigate to the network settings menu to check out the IP address.

3.    The third option is the printer properties. You can access the printer properties from the computer which is connected to the printer. Move to the start menu and choose Device and Printers.

4.   Select the printer model and then right-click on the printer and choose the printer properties. Choose ports to access the printer network because it contains the IP address.

5.    The fourth option is the router. Most of the routers will provide the interface as it will enable finding the IP address to a device on the network. In specific cases, you can find the Mac address of the printer. It is found on the sticker on the backside or bottom of the printer. With the Mac address, you can see the IP address of the printer.

6.   From the available home wireless router, the options are simple. The Wi-Fi router allows you to access it through the web browser to select the device list. After this, it will show the printer and the IP address it is using.

7.    The next option is the command prompt. To find the printer’s IP address through the command prompts, check out the steps. Select the Windows key, type cmd, and press enter. From the command prompt window, type netstat-r and choose to enter. The list of printers and other devices to smoothly connect the computer will appear. 


Check out the steps properly to know about steps to update IP address for HP PrinterFollow the steps properly to check out the steps and follow them to change the settings. 

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