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How to Get More Followers on SoundCloud

SoundCloud makes it simple for ambitious musicians to share their creative productions, but standing out among thousands of other users is a different matter. Nothing gets people talking like new, original music, so compiling a collection of songs you're proud of is a must. Once this piece of the puzzle is in place, you may develop interest in your own brand of sound by forming relationships with other SoundCloud users and increasing your visibility through channels such as social media, online forums, and music blogs.

However, if you can’t figure out how to get morefollowers on SoundCloud on your own, the following best-ever tips will guide you. 

Top 3 Tips to Gain More Followers on SoundCloud

The following top 3 tips will guide you gain the followers maximum on SoundCloud. 

Tip 1: Polishing Your Presentation

Focusing on putting up quality music, writing an engaging introduction to greet visitors to your page, uploading a high-quality profile photo, and so on are basic tactics for gaining SoundCloud followers. We're currently going over each of them one by one.

Ø  Focus on posting high-quality songs. First and foremost, if you want people to support your efforts, you must provide them with something worth their time. Don't just put up a new track as soon as you've finished recording it. Take some time to ensure that what you've created sounds unique and different. Your primary aim as a musician should be to consistently improve your skill.

  • Putting an emphasis on tight, professional mixing can help your recordings stand out among millions of others.
  • Remember that quality always takes precedence over quantity. It is not a competition to see who can stack the most tracks in the least amount of time.

Ø  Improve your bio. Begin with a concise, interesting introduction that welcomes visitors to your page and informs them about who you are and what they can anticipate from your music. Your bio is frequently one of the first things prospective listeners see, so it should be well-written and entertaining.

  • A fascinating profile might be something like this: "A good song is similar to a good discussion. For the past thirteen years, my guitar has been speaking to me, and I've been paying close attention. The end product is a white-hot slug of low-country rhythm and blues that strums like David Allan Coe, croons like Roy Orbison, and burns like a sip of bootleg shine straight from grandpa's fruit cellar."
  • Try not to ramble on for too long. There's no need to go into great depth about your life. Things is generally more effective to keep it brief and to the point.


 Ø  Upload a high-resolution profile image. Your user image should be a visual representation of yourself or an aspect of your own style. It might be anything from a simple snapshot to a strange symbol to the artwork for your most recent release. Choose high-resolution photographs to make your profile appear more professional at a glance.

  • Show some personality by displaying an action shot of your playing, or use an original logo to generate obvious branding for your band or conceptual project.
  • SoundCloud suggests that users use a square 1000x1000 pixel picture for the cleanest-looking display.

Ø  Make your own artwork to go with your music. Album art is essential to any new release. Even if you're just remixing a previous record or releasing a one-off track for fun, providing your fans something to look at in addition to listening to can help them create a stronger connection to your music.

  • Search the internet for eye-catching images to slap your logo on, or create your own original artwork with traditional art tools or a computer illustrator application.
  • While uploading, reposition or zoom in on your album art to showcase the most eye-catching parts.

 Ø  Fill in the blanks with a brief description of each track. This is your chance to tell users about the inspiration behind your song. Use your song descriptions to explain your creative process, give intriguing background information, or provide a list of the precise equipment you utilized to create your unique sound. All of these aspects will contribute to a full image of you as an artist.

  • Your song descriptions can also be an excellent spot to thank other musicians with whom you've worked or who have helped inspire and create your sound.
  • To get your audience singing along, enrich your descriptions with supplementary content such as lyrics or instrument tabs.

Tip 2: Make Use of Basic SoundCloud Features

To take advantage, you should be familiar with the basic SoundCloud features.

To take advantage, you should be familiar with the basic SoundCloud features.

Ø  Engage with other SoundCloud users. Keep an eye out for fresh profiles to follow. Like, share, or comment on a handful of an artist's tracks when you come across one that catches your attention. They'll likely appreciate the acknowledgement and be compelled to take a deeper look at your music in return.

  •   Don't blindly follow in the hopes of being followed back. It's not just lazy and indifferent, but it might make you appear needy for attention.
  • Being positive to other artists has the extra benefit of making you appear approachable, which can help you get fans.

Ø  Participate in collaborations to broaden your audience. Contact artists who have a similar sound and ask if they would be interested in collaborating. Collaborations can be an excellent method to create truly unique music that has the potential to reach twice as many people. It also allows you to perform a little cross-promotion in the process.

  • When you publish your collaborations, include a link to your partner's profile to ensure that you both receive proper credit and exposure.

 Ø  Tags can help you get more listeners. When you release a new song, label it with as many descriptive terms as you can think of. Your music will appear in the results if an interested listener hits one of those tags. Some of the broadest tags you can use are your artist name, track title, musical genre, and the names of other artists or record labels who release similar music.

  • You can also use tags to describe the song's atmosphere or the instruments or equipment utilized to record it.

Ø  Invite listeners to share your music in your song descriptions. Sometimes it's as simple as being willing to ask for what you want. Add a statement at the end of your profile or song descriptions that says something like, "If you like what you hear, please like, follow, and repost!" If you make your request clear, your listeners are more inclined to comply.

  •   Put a clickable link to your profile or a specific track somewhere visible so that users may easily copy and paste it elsewhere.
  •  Don't forget to thank both long-time and new listeners for their continuous attention and support. Common civility goes a long way toward establishing a following. 

Ø  Make your songs available for download. Simply go to the permissions page on any of your posted tracks and select the “Enable Downloads” bubble to enable downloading. Other users will then be able to download your songs on their preferred device and listen to them whenever they desire. The more locations your music is played, the more potential fans you will gain.

  • Standard users have 100 free downloads per tune. Pro accounts get 1,000 downloads, while Pro Limitless customers get unlimited downloads across their entire repertoire.

Ø  Upgrade your account to a Pro account. Paying a few more dollars for pro status will provide you access to a variety of analytics tools, making it easy to track your plays, likes, and following over time. It also grants you access to special features such as Spotlight, which allows artists to showcase some of their greatest songs at the top of their profile for everyone to see.

  • If you're serious about having more control, consider upgrading to a Pro Unlimited membership. The advanced stats tools allow you to see where your listeners are physically located, as well as where your songs are being republished on the internet.
  • A SoundCloud Pro account will cost you $7 per month, while the more capable Pro Unlimited subscription would cost you $15.

Tip 3. Increasing Your Exposure on Other Platforms

You must consider other platforms for maximum exposure. Here’s how you do it:

Ø  Promote your SoundCloud profile on social media. Create and maintain distinct artist accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There, you can share links to new music, talk about intriguing projects you're working on, and engage directly with your fans and followers. Without a doubt, the most effective approach to sell yourself and your music online is through social networking.

  • Inviting your friends to share your postings on their own profiles is a good idea. The more      people who hear your music, the broader your network of prospective followers will expand.
  • on't forget to connect your social media accounts to your SoundCloud page.

Ø  Submit your work to music blogs. Conduct a search for blogs that are looking for fresh music. Being mentioned on a big website only once might explode your number of followers. Not only that, but your work will have more credibility as an artist because it is supported by the blog's reputation

  •   Focus on blogs that include music from your favorite genre. Small specialized blogs, while not as popular, are generally more eager to post content from lesser-known artists. 
  • Include a brief letter describing who you are and why you are writing with your submission.

Ø  Engage in internet groups and forums. Participate in discussions with like-minded creators and fans who share your passion for music. Because these people enjoy listening, you won't have to twist their arms to persuade them to look at your work. Forums and internet groups are excellent locations to get candid comments from someone with an experienced ear.

The Bottom Line

So there you go, with this guide, we have concluded how to get more followers on SoundCloud. With the above tips, you will see results in no time. And keep in mind that the more you give, the more you will receive.

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