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how to connect Dell Printer to WiFi

One of the leading American multinational computer technology companies, Dell is known for developing, selling, repairing, and supporting computers and related products and services. One such segment is Dell Printers which has significantly gained popularity because of its innovative design, robust build, and cost-effectiveness. If you too have a Dell Printer, you can set it up and fulfil both your wired as well as wireless printing requirements. While the wired setup of the device is quite simple and straightforward, the wireless setup can often be cumbersome.


Here, we will guide you on how to connect Dell Printer to WiFi and complete the wireless setup of the device. Besides, we will help you gather some valuable insights into using a Dell Printer in an error-free way. Read on!


How to Connect Dell Printer to Computer?

You must add your Dell Printer to a computer in order to ensure that the printer is responsive. In case you are new to printers, you can go through the user manual that comes along with your printer. The manual includes detailed information about the printer’s specification, the setup procedure, information on the printer driver, and much more. Once you go through this manual, you can not only keep yourself aware of how the printer works but can also keep yourself prepared to resolve any printer-related problems that may trigger in the future.


If you are ready to connect or add your Dell Printer to a computer or have queries like how to add a printer to a dell laptop, follow the series of steps mentioned below:


1.      Connect the printer’s power adapter to an electric socket.

2.      Press the printer’s power button to turn the printer on.

3.      On your computer, go to the Control Panel.

4.      Go to the ‘Hardware and Sound’ section and locate ‘Printer’.

5.      Click on ‘Add a Printer’ followed by ‘Add a local printer’.

6.      Select ‘Use an existing port’ and click on ‘OK’.

7.      Follow the on-screen prompts, select the printer’s model number, and click on ‘Next’ to install the printer driver.

8.      Click on ‘Next’ and complete the process.


Where to Find Dell Printer IP Address?

Like other printers, your Dell Printer also comes with an IP address that allows you to connect the printer over a network. As such, you can ensure that multiple devices connect to the printer and print documents. If you are wondering how to find Dell Printer IP address, first, ensure that the printer is powered on and in active status. The next step requires you to press the ‘Menu’ button of your printer and then the ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ buttons to locate the ‘System’ option. Once you complete these steps, you can follow the below-mentioned to find your Dell Printer’s IP address:


  • Go to the ‘Admin’ menu and select ‘Network’.
  • Select the ‘TCP/IP’ option and then press IPv4 to see the printer’s IP address.


Apart from the series of steps mentioned above, you can also find your Dell Printer’s IP address in an alternate way. To start with, print a System Settings Page from the Dell printer. On the printout, you can locate the IP address under the Network title.


How to Connect Dell Printer to Wireless Network?

Once you set up your Dell Printer and have installed the printer driver on your computer, you can connect the printer to your wireless network by following some simple steps. Once the wireless connection is established, you can use devices like Wi-Fi-enabled desktop computers, laptops, Android Phones, iPhones, tablets, iPads, etc. to print all your documents and photographs wirelessly. Here’s the series of steps involved in connecting your Dell Printer to a wireless network:


1.      Turn on the printer and ensure that the printer’s power LED is lit.

2.      Using the printer’s Control Panel, go to the ‘Home’ section and then ‘Setup’.

3.      Press ‘OK’ and use the navigation pad to select ‘Network Setup’.

4.      Select ‘OK’ and then the wireless mode as ‘Wireless 802.11b/g/n.

5.      Choose ‘Network Connection Setup’ and wait for the configuration wizard to launch.

6.      Select the connection mode as ‘Wireless’ and then press ‘OK’.

7.      Select ‘Wi-Fi Protected Setup’ followed by ‘WPS PBC Mode’, and use the directions on display to establish the wireless connection.


Connecting Dell E310DW Printer to WiFi

Do you have a Dell E310DW Printer and are wondering how to connect Dell E310DW Printer to WiFi? If yes, you can follow some simple steps to establish the connection. Before you start with the wireless connection of the printer, check if your wireless router or the access point supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) or AirStation One-Touch Secure System (AOSS). If yes, then you can use the ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ arrow keys on the printer’s control panel to select the ‘Network’ option. Further, press ‘OK’ and select the WPS/AOSS option followed by a tap on ‘OK’. Lastly, when you see the ‘WLAN Enable’ appears on the screen, select ‘OK’ to connect the Dell E31oDW Printer to WiFi.


In case you require the WPS PIN of the printer and wonder where is the WPS PIN on my Dell Printer, you can find it displayed on the LED screen of the Dell Printer. If your computer locates your network printer, it will prompt you to enter the WPS PIN. Also, instances might occur when you have queries like how do I install a Dell Printer without the CD. This usually happens if you don’t receive the printer driver CD along with the printer. In such cases, you can either purchase the CD from a shop or download the printer driver from Dell’s official website. Here’s how to download the printer driver:


1.      Open an internet browser on your computer and visit Dell’s official website.

2.      Go to the drivers and downloads section and locate the search bar.

3.      Type the printer’s model number and name in the search bar and press Enter.

4.      Click on the relevant ‘Download’ link to download the latest version of the printer driver.

5.      Save the downloaded file to your computer’s local disk.

6.      Double-click on the downloaded file and follow the on-screen options to install the printer software.


In Conclusion

To connect your Dell Printer to Wi-Fi, you can use the printer’s control panel and select the ‘Network Setup’ option. Using the arrow keys on the printer’s control panel, you can then choose ‘Wi-Fi Protected Setup’ and follow the on-screen prompts to connect the printer to your wireless network. In case you encounter any challenges while executing this process, you can refer to the user manual that comes along with the printer.

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