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Canon Pixma Error Code 5100

Printer errors and error codes are inevitable. They can not only deteriorate the print quality, but can also restrict you from printing your documents and photographs. Canon Pixma Error Code 5100 is one such error in Canon Printers that hinders your printing while alarming you with a flashing orange light on the printer. However, if you can identify the actual cause why issues like Canon service error 5100 occur, you can get rid of the problem in no time.

Here, we will discuss the various factors that often trigger the error 5100 of Canon Printers and guide you with some of the effective measures to resolve it. Read on!

Handy Guide for Canon Pixma Error Code 5100!!

One of the most leading brands in the printer industry is Canon printers as it is used by office and home use. Although, like other machines, Canon printers often come across. Canon printer service error 5100 is also one such error and is reported by several users. The Canon Pixma error code 5100 issue indicated that there is an issue with the ink cartridge.

But don’t worry; you can quickly troubleshoot the issue by using the service mode and flushing the printer heads when a blockage develops. Keep reading the guide to know about Canon Pixma error detail and also some valuable tips to troubleshoot the issue with other Canon printer models..


Why The Canon Printer Error Code 5100 Occurs?

Before we dive into the discussion of troubleshooting the Canon Pixma Error Code 5100, let’s have a look at some of the most common reasons why this error occurs. It will help you resolve the problem both quickly and effectively. Here’s a look at them:


  • Problems with ink cartridge
  • Ink cartridge displacement
  • Jammed paper inside the printer
  • Presence of dirt on printing strip
  • Corrupt printer software


When ever you encounter the error 5100 while using a Canon Printer, you can first check the above-mentioned pointers and see if the issue gets resolved. However, if the problem persists and your printer is under warranty, it is recommended that you contact the printer brand and ask for a repair or replacement of the product.


Canon Printer 5100 Error Across Various Models

The Canon Printer error code 5100 can occur in many of the Canon Printer models which might, at times, require a different approach towards troubleshooting. Once you get to know the actual reason behind the occurrence of the error 5100 of your Canon Printer, you can resolve the problem in no time. Let’s have a look at the various troubleshooting techniques for this error across various Canon Printer models:

  • Service error 5100 Canon MP160:

If you have the Canon MP160 Printer model and encounter the error 5100, first, ensure that no protective cover is attached to the printer. You can then follow the below-mentioned steps to resolve the error:

1.      Turn off the printer and open the paper output cover of the printer.

2.      Check if the protective material is stuck in the cartridge. If yes, remove it and close the printer access door.

3.      Now, connect the printer’s power adapter to the electric socket and turn the printer on; check if the issue is resolved.

4.      You can also lubricate the purge cap and clean the Timing Film to resolve the error 5100.

  • Canon MP237 Code 5100:

One of the most common reasons for the occurrence of error 5100 in Canon MP237 is due to the ink cartridges inside the printer. You must ensure that the ink cartridge is properly seated in their slots, failing which can trigger the error 5100. In some cases, a jammed paper can also trigger this error. As such, you can open the printer access door and remove the jammed paper using both hands, while ensuring that no paper traces are left inside.

  • Canon MX922 Error Code 5100:

In most cases, the presence of the packing material or blockage in the printer paper feed path often triggers the error code 5100 in Canon printers. As such, you can remove the packing material and then check if there are jammed papers stuck inside the printer. Removing the jammed papers require you to follow the steps mentioned under:

1.      Turn off the printer and disconnect the printer’s power adapter from the electric socket.

2.      Open the printer access door and locate the jammed paper.

3.      Grab the jammed paper using both hands and remove it while ensuring that no paper traces are left inside.

4.      Once you remove the paper, close the printer access door and check if the error persists.

  • Canon MX472 Error 5100:

In addition to the MX472 model, the Canon MX452 code 5100 and Canon MX432 Printer Error 5100 occur due to glitches with the printer ink carriage. Secondly, issues like paper jam, presence of dirt in the carriage head, or incorrect installation of the ink tank results in the occurrence of Canon Printer error 5100. In such cases, you can use the service mode or clean the printheads if it's dirty.

  • Canon MP470 Error 5100:

Encountering the error 5100 in Canon MP470 can be frustrating, especially when you need an urgent printout. Paper jam is one of the most common reasons why you might encounter this error. As such, you need to first check if there is a paper stuck inside. Next, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to clean the printhead and check if the issue is resolved:

1.  Turn off the printer and disconnect the printer’s power adapter from the electric socket.

2.      Open the printer access door and locate the printhead.

3.      Remove the printhead and keep it aside.

4.      Dip a clean cloth into a bowl of lukewarm water and remove the excess water from it.

5.      Use the wet cloth to clean the printhead.

6.      Put the printhead back and close the printer access door.

7.      Turn on the printer and check if it is working fine.

  • Canon MG2922 Error Code 5100 :

There are times when users encounter with the issues such as Canon MG2922 error code 5100. This error can occur for several reasons in the printer, but one of the significant reasons is paper jam issues. And secondly, if you haven’t attached the ink tank properly, it can also lead to the Canon Pixma error code 5100 problem. Check out the steps mentioned below to troubleshoot the problem quickly:

1.      Start by checking the placement of the ink cartridge and reseat it.

2.      Also, remove dust and debris from the printer.

3.      Make sure that your printer timing strip is in proper condition.

  • Canon MG3022 Error Code 5100 :

If you face any issue with Canon MG3022 error code 5100, the first step should be to cancel printing and switch off the printer first. Your second step should be to ensure that foreign material or paper jams don’t obstruct the fine cartridge holder. If you face any issue, remove it and check whether the fine cartridge is installed correctly or not. After completing the process, switch on your Canon printer and check error code is gone or not.

  • Canon MG3020 Error Code 5100:

When you encounter the Canon MG3020 error code 5100 issue, the best alternative available is to reset your Canon printer. Although, before doing it, you must identify the reason behind the problem. In several cases, Canon service error 5100 states that there is an issue linked with the ink cartridge. So, you can troubleshoot it by using the service mode and flushing the printer heads; you can troubleshoot the problem and fulfill all your printing requirements.

  • Canon MX490 Error Code 5100:

The most common reason users face the Canon MX490 error code 5100 issue is paper jamming. Hence, while using the MX490 printer and facing error code 5100, check whether the paper gets stuck into the printer or not. For that, open your Canon printer from the back panel, and if you notice there is jammed paper, remove it instantly.

  • Canon MX492 Error Code 5100:

Canon MX492 error code 5100 is the most common issue that users encounter with this printer model. While this issue might be irritating but if you know the reason for the problem and troubleshooting it correctly might help to resolve it. Along with it, check if you need to change the fine cartridge. Also, adjust the ink cartridge panel and check whether there is any paper jam or not. The last step is to clean the encoder strip and see whether the issue is resolved or not.

  • Canon TS3122 Error Code 5100:

When you face the issue of Canon TS3122 error code 5100, you might be thinking about why users face such an issue so that you can troubleshoot it accordingly. When you see error 5100 on your printer, you can get a troubleshooting message on a computer screen and an error code. To troubleshoot the issue, your first step should be to remove the packing material. And the next step is to remove the jammed paper and obstructions from the paper feed if you find any.

  • Canon MX495 Error Code 5100 :

Canon MX495 error code 5100 requires you to cancel the printing and switch off the machine. Along with it, check whether the paper jam is causing error code 5100 trouble or not. Along with it, look for protective material that might prevent the fine cartridge holder from moving. Your last step should be to switch on the printer and check whether you have deal with the issue or not.

  • Canon MP460 error code 5100:

Similar to other Canon Printer models, the error code 5100 of CanonMP460, Canon IP100 error code 5100, Canon MX495 error code 5100, etc. occurs due to jamming of paper, incorrect installation of the printer driver, incorrect cartridge placement, or clogged printheads. As such, you can take the necessary measures to get rid of the error 5100. In case you encounter any challenges while resolving this error, you can refer to the user manual that comes along with the printer. The user manual will not only help you resolve the problem, but if read thoroughly; can help you understand the functioning of the device.


The Bottom Line

Issues like Canon Pixma error code 5100 can put a halt to your printing session; however, if you can identify the underlying factor that triggers this error, you can get rid of it in no time. You can follow the various troubleshooting methods as mentioned here and ensure continued printing of your documents and photographs using your Canon Printer. In case none of the troubleshooting techniques work and if the printer is under warranty, it is recommended that you contact Canon and get the device repaired or replaced.

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