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Bellsouth email services are widely spread and are trusted by people across the globe. It is also known as AT&T webmail service as they offer access to the Bellsouth email account and connect your email account with several devices easily. If you want to learn about Bellsouth Yahoo email settings for email service, then check out this guide, as you will find detailed information about how to do Bellsouth.net email server settings.

Perform Bellsouth.net Email Server Settings in Outlook !!

To smoothly perform the Bellsouth.net email server settings in Outlook, check out the below-mentioned steps.

1.     First of all, open your Outlook account.

2.     Choose "File."

3.     Now, tap on "Add Account."

4.   Select "additional server type or manual configure server settings" from the given options.

5.     Tap on "Next."

6.     When you select wizard, it will open the screen.

7.     Select "yes" if prompted, "would you like to configure email settings."

8.     In the blank field, enter Bellsouth's email address.

9.     Now, select POP or IMAP and then next.

10.   For POP3 incoming mail server details, enter "pop.mail.Yahoo.com."

11.     And, for outgoing mail server "smtp.mail.Yahoo.com."

12.    Now, enter your username and password.

13.     Choose "more settings."

14.  Tap on the option for "my outgoing server requires authentication" and "use same settings as my incoming mail server."

15.  Select the "Advanced" tab.

16. Now, enter the incoming server port number for POP3 as 995 and the outgoing server port as "465."

17.  Hit SSL for "use the following type of encrypted connection."

18.   Select OK, and then next, choose Finish.

Setting Up Bellsouth.net Email Server Settings on Android 

Now, let's check out quick and easy steps to set Bellsouth.net email server settings on Android. Read the steps correctly and follow them accordingly not to face any technical glitches.

1.     Start by opening Gmail and then select the menu.

2.     Tap on the drop-down icon and select the "Add account" option.

3.     Choose the "other" option.

4.     Tap on "manual set up."

5.     Now, enter Bellsouth's email address.

6.     Select IMAP or POP3 settings.

7.     Enter Bellsouth IMAP server or POP3 settings as:

8.     Mail.att.net (IMAP) and inbound server: att.net (POP3).

9.     Port: 995 for IMAP and 995 for POP3.

10.   SMTP server (att.net) and mail.att.net (IMAP).

11.    Tap on yes for "required SSL" it is for both IMAP and Pop3.

12.    Now, enter the password and tap on next.

13.  At last, verify the Bellsouth.net email server settings, and then your setup process is completed successfully.

Ameritech Email Server Settings for Android 

Now, let's check out the manual setup for Ameritech email server settings for Android phone by using outgoing and incoming server details.

1.     First of all, choose the mail icon from the application screen. Now, enter your email address and password—select manual setup.

2.     Select IMAP.

3.     If you select IMAP, enter the below-mentioned settings and then next.

1.     IMAP server: imap.mail.att.net

2.     IMAP port :993

3.     The security type is none.

4.     After that, enter the below outgoing settings for the Ameritech account and then tap on next.

                        1.     SMTP server: smtp.mail.att.net 

                        2.     SMTP port is 465.

                        3.     Security type of none.

5.     Tap on done, and with this, Ameritech email server settings are completed on your Android device.

Ameritech Email Server Settings For iPhone

Now, let's check out Ameritech email server settings for iPhone. To complete the setup process smoothly, you need to go through the steps correctly.

1.     First of all, from your home screen, navigate to the settings icon.

2.     Now, choose mail and then select accounts.

3.     After that, add an account.

4.     From the given menu, select other.

5.     Choose to add a mail account.

6.     Now, enter email address and password and then tap on next.

7.     Choose IMAP and scroll down to the incoming mail server and enter all the required details. Do the same process for the outgoing mail server and then select next.

1.     Make sure to enter your email address in the username field. You have to enter username and password same for both the outgoing and incoming servers.

2.     For incoming mail server hostname: imap.mail.att.net.

3.     For outgoing mail server hostname: smtp.mail.att.net.

8.    When asked, verify both your outgoing and incoming server. For this, tap on continue or Details and then click on Trust.

9.     Save all the settings.

10.     Select the new account that you have created now.

11.     Choose the SMTP server.

12.     Ensure to complete the SMTP settings and then click on done.

With this, you have completed Ameritech email server settings successfully on your iPhone device.


This guide will get the information related to Ameritech email server settings and Bellsouth Yahoo email settings. Read the guide carefully and follow the steps accordingly.

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