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The Windows 7 and Windows 10 HP Laptop touchpad not working issue arises when the touchpad drivers are not updated correctly. Also, specific keys might have been wrongly pressed, due to which the HP touchpad has been disabled. Thus, this part might be the reason for the touchpad not working. The quick fix to resolve the issue is to update the touchpad driver. Along with it, you can make changes in your touchpad settings to fix the problem.

If facing any issue of HP Laptop touchpad not working Windows 10, then check out this guide to get the fix to troubleshoot the problem. 

Now, let’s understand the root cause of the touchpad on Laptop not working on HP issue on your device. 

Why HP Laptop Touchpad Not Working windows 10?

The cause of the issue for the HP laptop touchpad not working Windows 10 are listed below. Understand the cause of the problem so that you can resolve it correctly.

1.     You might have enabled the touchpad options from HP Laptop settings.

2.   Any unresolved hardware issue might lead to the issue of the HP touchpad not working.

3.     The system driver is not updated.

4.     Any third-party app might be causing a problem with the touchpad of the HP Laptop.

5.     Mouse driver is affected.

Fixing Touchpad Not Working on HP !!

Here are solutions to fix the issue of the touchpad on HP Laptop not working. You can try them out and work down your way to resolve the issue.

Fix 1

Way 1: Check Dot at Upper Left Corner 

There is always a dot that you will find at the upper left corner on the Touchpad panel, so double tap on the dot at the upper left so that you can easily enable the HP touchpad.

Way 2: Enable Touchpad from Settings 

Navigate to the mouse settings in your laptop so that you can enable the touchpad:

  • From your keyboard, click on the Windows logo key and X at the same time.
  • Tap on settings from the popup menu.
  • Click on devices.
  • Tap on mouse and touchpad and then on additional mouse options.
  • Choose the touchpad tab and ensure the touchpad is enabled.
  • Now, reboot the laptop and try your touchpad.


Fix 2: Update HP Touchpad Driver 

The outdated or missing touchpad driver might cause the HP Laptop keyboard and touchpad not working issue; for that, you can update the touchpad driver to fix the problem.

There are two ways to update the touchpad driver: automatically and manually.

  • Manually Update Touchpad Driver:

You can easily update the touchpad driver when the touchpad on Laptop is not working on HP, then search the driver from the manufacturer and then download and install a driver from the laptop. Ensure that the driver you are downloading is compatible with the Windows operating system. It will require computer skills and time.

  • Automatically Update Touchpad Driver 


If you are not familiar with drivers, you can automatically update the driver with driver easily. The Driver Easy will recognize the windows system automatically and find the right driver for the video adapter as you don’t want to risk downloading the wrong touchpad driver.

To download and install the driver easy, here’s what you have to do:

1.     Start by downloading and installing the driver quickly.

2.     Now, run driver easy and tap on the scan now button. With driver easy, you can scan the computer and detect if there is an issue.

3.     Tap on the update button, which is next to the flagged touchpad device name, so that you can download the correct version of the driver automatically and then install it on your computer. Or, click update all to automatically install correct version of the driver that you are missing on the system.

4.     Restart the laptop and try the touchpad.

Fix 3: Troubleshoot Hardware Issue 

If the touchpad not working on HP Laptop, then you can troubleshooting the utility in Windows to automatically fix the hardware issue detect. You can follow the steps to troubleshoot the hardware issue:

1.     Start by opening Control Panel on the laptop and tap on troubleshooting.

2.     Tap on Hardware and Sound.

3.     Click hardware and device.

4.     Choose next and then wait for the troubleshooting process to finish.

5.     Follow the on-screen wizard to fix the issues detected automatically.

6.     Here, reboot the laptop and then try the Touchpad.

These are some effective solutions to fix why is the touchpad on my HP Laptop not working. Follow the steps properly to troubleshoot the hardware issues quickly.

Final Words

In this guide, you will get information about why is my touchpad not working on my HP LaptopCheck out the detailed information about why the laptop touchpad not working HP. Check out every section properly to get the details about resolving the issue.

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